Charity and Non-Profit Involvement

Through our involvement in the community, we at the Immigration Law Offices of Hadley, PC have recognized a larger movement taking place in our society with the general mission to help others. We have dedicated our work both in and out of the office to the education and empowerment of people who have not been given the same advantages as others.

This is a great step, but we know that policy is not enough. For this reason, we have founded two not-for-profit organizations. The first is the Hector Project, dedicated to providing the deaf community with services to help them improve their quality of life. The second is the Mamecha Project, a charity that donates food and supplies to communities in Guatemala through the collection of monetary donations from caring individuals like you.

Our office also donates hundreds of hours in legal resources to the community every month. In 2014 alone, attorney Hadley Bajramovic along with the ILOHB staff, volunteered at 17 immigration workshops across Southern California. Immigration relief should be within reach of all people it lawfully intends to benefit. For this reason, the Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic, PC is committed supporting accessible and free legal workshops for the Inland Empire and surrounding areas.