DACA Program Rescinded

DACA Program Rescinded

DHS released a memo today (09/05/17), ending the 2012 DACA program.Here are the details:

Your current DACA is valid until it expires.

As of the date of this memo, no new DACAs can be filed.

If you have a DACA that expires by March 5, 2018, then you have until OCTOBER 5th to send your renewal application.

DACA Advanced Parole is cancelled. Any pending I-131 Advanced Parole applications at the USCIS will be terminated and the filing fees returned to the applicant.

If you have questions about how this affects you, PLEASE CALL 951 588 9838 or email Eleanor@ilohb.com for immediate help!! #unitedwedream #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #dacafaq


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