DHS Secretary on Travel Ban & ICE Operations

DHS Secretary on Travel Ban & ICE Operations

Yesterday morning, DHS Secretary John Kelly met with governors from around the nation at the annual National Governors Association meeting in Washington. Kelly tried to assure the governors that immigration enforcement operations would be limited to criminals, and that the travel ban will not target Muslims.

According to attendees, Kelly explained that the ban targeted Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen due to concerns from the Obama administration, but CA Director John Brennan stated that the travel ban was not a solution to ending terrorist threats. The White House is expected to release a revised version of the controversial ban soon, as several federal courts nationwide have granted requests to temporarily halt enforcement of the ban.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Virginia), Chairman of the NGA, stated that Kelly promised that the administration would not unleash a deportation force on undocumented immigrants, despite a memo issued by the DHS expanding enforcement priorities. Gov. McAuliffe recounted, "The general made it clear to me -- I have some concerns, obviously, about the new regulations in place -- and he made it very clear that the only folks [ICE agents] are going after […] were those who come into the country illegally and have been involved in a criminal enterprise. If you were here just illegally then they were not going after you. They're only going after individuals who came illegally and have been involved in criminal enterprises. And they are not randomly stopping people. I took [General] Kelly at his word."

To read more about Kelly’s statements to the NGA this weekend, follow the link below.


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