H-1B Visa Season: Highly Skilled Workers

H-1B Visa Season: Highly Skilled Workers

H-1B season is in high gear as skilled workers apply for this highly sought after non-immigrant visa. Popular among the high-tech industry, only 85,000 of these visas are available per fiscal year, yet more than 200,000 people apply each year. As a result, these visas are granted through a lottery system.

This year, premium processing for H-1B vsa applications has been frozen until April 3, 2017, the same day that people may submit their H-1B application. Without premium processing these visas can take more than 8 months to be issued, if you’re lucky enough to have yours selected out of the lottery.

The H-1B visa has received a lot of attention during the recent campaign, and is widely debated over both sides of the aisle. Critics claim H-1B workers take jobs away from U.S. workers, and others claim that it’s exploitation of foreign labor. The median salary of H-1B visa holders is $79,000 a year. Advocates, however, say that there aren’t enough U.S. workers with the skills needed for the types of jobs that petition H-1B visa holders. Both sides of the argument do agree, however, that the system has its flaws, and reform is needed to fix the system.

To watch a fun video and learn more about H-1B visas, follow the link below.


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