Mamecha’s Food Project

Mamecha's Food Project

Demecia Recinos Navas was born in a small town called Guevara, Asuncion Mita Guatemala on December 19, 1920. "Mamecha" as everyone knows her, was very devoted to help people no matter what.

Mamecha lived in Canoas, a small town in Guatemala, from the age of eighteen to eighty-eight, when she moved permanently to the United States. In Canoas, Mamecha was known as everyone's grandma, loving and caring for everyone. For seventy years, Mamecha devoted her time to her church and donated food and clothes to needy families. Mamecha and her husband were known to generously lend parts of their farmland to a local family in need if they did not have enough money to feed themselves.

Even after Mamecha's move to the United States, she returned to her home town Canoas, Guatemala every year with her family. During one of her visits she toured a small impoverished town in San Pablo, El Progreso Jutiapa Guatemala. Although she found the town in poor conditions, she could see that the people of San Pablo were resilient and loving. Mamecha, now eighty-nine years old, pledged to revisit the town every year and do everything she could to assist the people of San Pablo, Guatemala.

Mamecha passed away at age ninety-one. In 2013, to honor her memory, the Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic launched
Mamecha’s Food Project. June of 2013, Felix Padilla and his family delivered bags of food to over thirty families in San Pablo, Guatemala on behalf of Mamecha's Food Project.

In loving memory of Demecia Recinos Navas. "Mamecha" - the beloved grandmother of our senior legal assistant, Zayra Padilla.

  • Visit to San Pablo, Guatemala in June 2013

  • Community gathering in honor of Mamecha

  • Children got toys and candy!

  • The beautiful countryside of Guatemala

  • Funds allowed for thirty families to each return home with a bag of food

The Immigration Law Office of Hadley Bajramovic, PC is committed to furthering Mamecha's mission to help towns in need in Guatemala and around the world. Mamecha's Food Project is dedicated to helping impoverished towns like San Pablo that benefit greatly from the most crucial supplies - food and water.

We are very happy to be part of this project and welcome your donation to Mamecha's Food Project.