VOICE – Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement

VOICE – Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement

Following the election, the Trump administration created an office within the Department of Homeland Security titled VOICE-Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. On Friday morning the coalitions, Outreach director, John Kelly, released a report titled Immigration Crime Stories Round Up: Week of February 4th. This report included nine news articles containing strong anti-immigrant rhetoric meant to prove the ‘criminality’ of immigrants. The report includes two stories from the Post about the activity of MS-13, where MS-13 is used as a proxy for ‘immigrant crime.’ Other articles details violent incidents that have occurred in the past week potentially linking criminal activity with undocumented individuals.

Today's News article was written by ilohb intern, Lidya Stamper

While there is little evidence proving that all nine of these incidents were committed by immigrants, the Trump administration uses this report to prove that immigrants have higher criminal tendencies than others.

Research shows no evidence that immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans.


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