Workshop Warriors: Connecting through Community Service

Connecting through Community Service

  • Senior Legal Assistant and interpreter, Zayra Padilla, assisting in Perris, CA

  • Legal Assistant Martha Cortez helping register an attendee for an attorney consultation in Perris, CA

  • Free Immigration Workshop in Perris, CA

  • Legal Assistant James Lacson assisting at a Defered Action workshop in Apple Valley, CA

  • Attorney Hadley Bajramovic consulting with a Deferred Action applicant in Apple Valley, CA

  • ILOHB assisting at a Deferred Action Clinic in Apple Valley, CA

  • Senior Processes Manager James Lacson reviews DACA evidence in Apple Valley,CA

  • Legal Assistant James Lacson and Martha Cortez assisting a Legal Permanent Resident in the steps to Naturalization at a church in Riverside, CA

In California, Riverside and San Bernardino counties account for a large portion of the 2.4 million Legal Permanent Residents who are eligible to naturalize, and the 450,000 eligible DACA applicants who have not yet applied for relief. Riverside is just one example of the many ‘immigration services deserts’ scattered throughout Southern California and the United States where many immigrants with immigration statuses ranging from Legal Permanent Resident to undocumented are isolated from accredited legal counsel by geographic, financial, or linguistic barriers.

On weekends, Attorneys Hadley Bajramovic along with the law office staff, commit their time and resources to immigration clinics and workshops across Southern California. In the past year our office has donated 2000+ hours in free legal advice and workshop assistance!

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Free Upcoming Events

  • Monday - Wednesday : Attorney Consultations in Riverside, CA

    10:00 am to 5:00 pm | 5225 Canyon Crest Drive, Suite 450, Riverside, CA 92507 | (951) 588 9838 for more information

    Event information: Information about Obama's new Immigration Action, Immigration eligibility review, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action for Parents, applications for citizenship

    Required material: Identification, information about your address, work and travel history, info about current spouse & past marriages, criminal background information, previously filed immigration paperwork